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Two bottles of wine artistically laid out on a rusty metal coil.


It’s a word you’ll hear all the time if you’re interested in wine. It may seem like an elusive concept, but when you taste a wine that’s truly balanced, you just get it—each component works together in harmony, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

As a father-and-son winemaking duo, we’ve found a natural balance that takes our collaboration to the next level. While we share a commitment to honest, terror-driven winemaking, we approach our personal projects with different objectives. At Grounded Wine Co., Josh crafts accessible, easy-drinking wines, while Chris focuses on high-end collectibles for his label Ad Vivum.

We joined forces simply to enjoy the experience of creating together. But at the intersection of our complementary values and creative aspirations, we found a sweet spot that wouldn’t have been achievable by working solo.

Of course, balance isn’t the only necessary attribute of great wine. We believe that to be great, wines must also have tension and energy. This is a slightly more abstract notion than the more straightforward principle of balance, so if you need a visual, picture a coiled metal spring.

When compressed, a coil retains energy, like a wine under cork. The moment you uncork one of our COIL wines, the tension breaks, unleashing vibrant energy in the form of beautifully balanced aromas, flavors, textures, and other sensory elements that unwind and expand as you swirl and sip. That tension, if you ask us, is the true essence of the wine.

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